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EasyRobotics EasyWork - Mobile cobot platform
EasyWork from EasyRobotics

EasyWork (former ER 5) - Mobile Cobot Platform

EasyWork (ER 5) is a mobile cobot platform, made to maximize robot mobility.

EasyWork mobile cobot platform is a compact mobile workstation for a safe collaboration with robot arms. ER Work is used in fully or partly automated production environments that demand enhanced flexibility and fast integration.

The EasyWork (ER 5) is developed with respect to secure robot arms and to its maximal mobility. The integrated rolls and handholds facilitate easily moving and deploying the ER Work. The EasyWork arrives fully mounted with trays, with an option to add a robot arm, and control panel and can be moved without the use of a forklift or pallet truck.

The mobile cobot platform can be favorably introduced for the automation of production where for example processing machines are closely together and where there is not enough room for the ProFeeder robot cell.

The EasyWork (ER 5) is ergonomically constructed to ensure that a person can easily move it to processing machines or seminars. This is advantageous for e.g. salespeople, course instructors and partner demonstrations.

  • EasyWork is a solid, mobile and compact working station which is used for demonstration and presentation purposes, enhancing the collaboration between seminar participants and the production environment.
  • The ergonomic design of the EasyWork facilitates that course instructors and salespeople can move the demonstration robot around more easily.
  • EasyWork's mobility and compact size permits to conduct demonstrations of robots and cobots at a customer production environment.
The EasyWork series from EasyRobotics is a series of mobile cobot platforms developed to maximize mobility and flexibility in robotic automation. It can be used for Universal Robots UR3 and UR5 and A-series from Doosan. EasyWork can be moved in a company vehicle and handled by one person.

EasyWork (ER 5) features

EasyWork (ER 5) features

EasyWork (former ER 5) mobile cobot platform by EasyRobotics:

  • Is compatible with the UR3 and UR5 by Universal Robots and A-series from Doosan;
  • Made to maximize robot and cobot mobility and flexibility;
  • Facilitates the start-up to automation;
  • Minimizes set up a time with changes in production;
  • Convenient and fast moving and integration of cobots in production;
  • Enhances flexibility and effectiveness in production;
  • Is moveable by a person without the use of a forklift or pallet truck;
  • Patented.
ER Work without robot mounted
ER Work without mounted robot

EasyWork Demonstration platform

Demonstration of robot arms and production optimization

EasyWork is a functional tool for demonstration purposes of cobots and robot arms supporting employees' trainings, workshops, and partners at exhibitions ensuring that the collaboration with robots is learned.

In the context of demonstration and course situations, the EasyWork can be moved to different production locations. Thereby, it can be examined where the effectiveness in production can be enhanced.


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