ProFeeder Alu robot work cell

    ProFeeder Alu

    ProFeeder Alu - is a flexible robot work cell with alu. table top, suitable for assembly and quality control. It is compatible with all cobot brands.

    ProFeeder Tray robot cell

    ProFeeder Tray

    The ProFeeder Tray robotcell consists of a basic module with 1 flexible parts tray designed for handling all types of parts.

    High-volume, cost-effective robot-cell ProFeeder S

    ProFeeder S

    A distinctive robust robot-cell for massive production series, the ProFeeder S. It is perfectly suited to shorten cycle times, resulting in quick output, and is delivered with 5 trays.

    EasyPalletizer Pro - a cobot palletizer

    EasyPalletizer Pro

    EasyPalletizer Pro, the new version of the cobot palletizer, is based on the famous industrialized design and function of EasyRobotics.

    Industrial automation from a global innovator in collaborative robotic solutions

    EasyRobotics is a pioneer in designing, creating, and manufacturing highly advanced industrial automation solutions that are required to make production more efficient.

    It was formed by Per Lachenmeier, Anders Kjempff, and Henrik Vesterlund Sørensen with the aim to provide manufacturers with effortless solutions for their production line. High-tech methods were integrated into developing products that are essential in today’s fast-moving world.

    With an experience of 50 years altogether, the three partners are committed to making EasyRobotics the best industrial application provider in the industry. In 2015, ProFeeder, the key product of the company, came into existence, changing the dynamic of the manufacturing sector. ProFeeder is a highly automated robot cell that can be mounted on a robot to perform various tasks in support of CNC lathes and milling machines.

    EasyRobotics is continuously working to expand its product line, because we know the future of industrial automation lies with collaborative robots. They are highly advanced tools that can make production less time consuming and also lowers the stress from the workers. Industrial robots provide a commendable support to the manufacturing sector.

    To have a competitive edge in the industry, products like ProFeeder can provide enormous benefits to the manufacturers. Our company is built on principles to make your life easy with unmatchable innovative products that are the need of today. Innovator of Global Collaborative Robot Industrial Automation Solutions

    Our goal is to make your journey smooth and effortless with EasyRobotics, working with everyone who aims to grow and succeed. Throughout this exciting journey we consider ourselves the Innovator of Global Collaborative Robot Industrial Automation Solutions.