Robotics and their role in modern industrial automation in 2022.

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    Robotics plays an important and undeniable role in industrial automation. Modern industrial production standards imply the use of robots at all stages. High competition in the industrial sector is only increasing from year to year. As a result, the requirements for the speed of production and the quality of products are also increasing, which cannot be achieved without robots.

    To keep pace with competitors, it is necessary to increase the efficiency of production and its speed, and this can only be achieved by increasing the role of robotics in industrial automation and reducing the influence of manual labor on production processes.

    A collaborative robot working in tandem with an automated cell can work continuously without losing quality. Moreover, the cobot will cope with any work faster than an employee, but in terms of the accuracy of performing operations, it has no equal at all.

    The use of robotics in industrial automation will inevitably lead to a reduction in labor costs, which will positively affect the increase in net income, as well as accelerate the return on investment. In addition, after the introduction of collaborative cells and robots, savings will be expressed in a reduction in the area occupied by production, and in lower energy bills.

    The Role of Robotics in Industrial Automation

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    Robotics play a leading role in industrial automation. Manual production will always be less efficient, productive and profitable than automated production. This is due to a number of factors:

    • The inability of people to work continuously with the same speed and quality;
    • High risk of injury;
    • The probability of errors that are characteristic of any person, unlike a machine;
    • Lower speed of human work in comparison with robots.

    Partial or full automation of industry can eliminate all of the above factors. Moreover, progress will be evident: the introduction of cells and collaborative robots will inevitably affect each of the stages of production. And regardless of the level of automation.
    Innovative cells and cobots are indispensable assistants on the way to increase the speed of production and quality of goods, the assembly of finished products and the formation of perfectly even pallets ready for transportation.

    Industrial automation of production through robotics can breathe new life into your business. Thanks to the versatility, diversity and interoperability of EasyRobotics robots and cells, all stages of the production process will run as smoothly, quickly and efficiently as possible.

    The range of innovative cells from EasyRobotics will automate all stages of industrial production of any type:

    • Cells Easydoor, Profeeder Light and Compact, Flex will be useful on lines equipped with CNC machines;
    • Profeeder Table will help automate assembly processes;
    • Easy Palletizer will simplify the process of moving and storing finished products, forming finished pallets that reach a height of 2.4 meters.

    As a result of equipping industrial production with robotics, a business owner can count on:

    • reduction of time costs required to perform each operation, and the entire production cycle as a whole;
    • continuity, high accuracy and speed of work;
    • exclusion of injuries due to minimization of manual labor;
    • fast return on investment by reducing labor costs, electricity and increasing profits;
    • the ability to reinstall, combine and reconnect equipment at any time without the need to hire highly specialized employees. All cells are intuitively easy to set up, so even an inexperienced adjuster or operator can cope with reprogramming tasks;
    • reduction in the occupied area due to the compactness of the cells.

    For more information about the conditions for purchasing, setting up and using innovative cells from EasyRobotics, please contact the company’s regional dealers or directly with our specialists. You will be happy to consult on all matters of concern and help to carry out partial or full automation of the industry, taking into account the characteristics of your business.

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