EasyRobotics has a wide range of products designed applying state-of-the-art technologies and innovative attributes. Each product of EasyRobotics is catering to the automation needs of the businesses that aim to make the production more efficient and profitable. The company has 50 years of experience in developing machines that are transforming industries towards automation.

    Robot pedestal EasyPedestal from EasyRootics


    The EasyPedestal from EasyRobotics is a highly compact and cost-effective solution, that is made to fixture any collaborative robot brand, such as: Doosan, Kassow, Hanwha and UR.  

    EasyDesk universal robot workstation


    EasyDesk is a universal robot workstation - a compact and spacious platform with 3 different tabletops. "Tray" for CNC machine tending, "Alu" for assembly and quality control and "Welding" for robot welding.  

    ProFeeder X-XL robotic platform

    ProFeeder X-XL

    Convenient and spacious cobot platform. It is capable of handling parts up to 160 mm and a load of up to 90 kg per tray. Supplied with 2 or 5 trays with Airlock or Mechlock system.  

    ProFeeder R feeder cabinet for automation

    ProFeeder R

    Compact, comfortable, durable and a very roomy feeder cabinet for CNC machine tending automation.  

    Robot cell ProFeeder Compact Robot

    ProFeeder Compact robot

    Unique, self-sufficient automation solution with built-in controller compartment, trays (up to 4) and a very compact footprint.  

    Industrial automation solution PF Compact-XL

    ProFeeder Compact XL

    Spacious robot-cell for larger series manufacturing and great solution for industrial automation of the CNC machine tending with 5 trays 780 x 620mm.  

    EasyWork mobile cobot platform


    EasyWork mobile robot platform, made to maximize robot mobility. It's perfect for demonstration of industrial automation and easily fits in the SUV trunk.  

    Automatic CNC door opener EasyDoor


    EasyDoor is a flexible automatic door opener constructed with components from Siemens and it supports multiple applications in the CNC machining industry. It can be used as a single door opener and can manage weight up to 180 kilograms.  

    ProFeeder Alu robot work cell

    ProFeeder Alu

    ProFeeder Alu - is a flexible robot work cell with alu. table top, suitable for assembly and quality control. It is compatible with all cobot brands.  

    ProFeeder Tray robot cell

    ProFeeder Tray

    The ProFeeder Tray robotcell consists of a basic module with 1 flexible parts tray designed for handling all types of parts.  

    ProFeeder-automated robot cell


    The ProFeeder robot-cell consists of 1 basic module, 2 movers with 2 flexible part trays. The part trays are automatically entred, and are designed to accommodate all part types.  

    ProFeeder Compact - high capacity robot-cell

    ProFeeder Compact

    ProFeeder Compact is a high-capacity robot arm cell with very compact dimensions. It is easily movable and can be used on different levels of series production.  

    ProFeeder X high capacity robot-cell

    ProFeeder X

    ProFeeder X is a unique self-sufficient robot-cell for high production series. Delivered with 2, 5 or 10 trays options ideally to decrease cycle time resulting in fast production.  

    High-volume, cost-effective robot-cell ProFeeder S

    ProFeeder S

    A distinctive robust robot-cell for massive production series, the ProFeeder S. It is perfectly suited to shorten cycle times, resulting in quick output, and is delivered with 5 trays.  

    ProFeeder Flex - mobile robot-cell

    ProFeeder Flex

    The ProFeeder Flex is a robot cell that allows flexible maneuvering around the factory premise. It is a highly compact and supple ProFeeder that is compatible with various robot brands.  

    EasyPalletizer - mobile and compact palletizer


    EasyPalletizer is built upon the popular industrialized design and function in which all EasyRobotics products are recognized for stable and robust designs.  

    EasyPalletizer Pro - a cobot palletizer

    EasyPalletizer Pro

    EasyPalletizer Pro, the new version of cobot palletizer, is based on EasyRobotics' famous industrialized design and function.  

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