ProFeeder X by EasyRobotics
    EasyRobotics ProFeeder X
    ProFeeder X from EasyRobotics - sideview
    ProFeeder X sideview

    ProFeeder X

    The ProFeeder X is designed to support higher production series. It is one-of-a-kind machinery that can be equipped with multiple trays of options depending on the requirement. The idea is to lower the cycle time and speed up the production for larger outputs. The ProFeeder X can support up to 10 trays that are well suited from small to large series production.

    The system is fully automated and highly compact that helps the cell to be placed on any kind of machine. Due to 2, 5, or 10 trays, the ProFeeder X can be used for any task in a limited time. Like ProFeeder Compact, this application is also available in two variants based on the locking system. The Airlock system can lock the trays by compressing the air and the Mechlock uses the mechanical locking. The locking system is useful in protecting the operator to prevent interference in the processes and it also helps in maintaining productivity.

    The set-up time required for the ProFeeder X is reduced with the help of integrated software that eliminates extra work required for installation. The system gets ready in very little time for the operations. The system helps to increase productivity up to 4 times and to carry out 12 hour shifts without human intervention. ProFeeder X is flexible and compact. This helps manufacturers to place the system on the conveyor without taking up much space.

    ProFeeder X main features

    EasyRobotics Profeeder X with opened tray
    • Large production – Delivered with 2, 5 or 10 trays options ideally to decrease cycle time resulting in fast production. Robot arms can be mounted in all 4 different angles allowing its ultimate flexibility.
    • Move around production – Want to scale production and reduce cycle time at your factory floor? The ProFeeder X is a robust machine designed to handle multiple parts in several trays.
    • 2 locking systems available – Mechanical or Air locking systems. Airlocks run in digital I/O.
    1. Airlock system - comes with an airlock system where the operator won't be able to easily unlock the trays, for safety purposes.
    2. MechLock system - easily accessed by the operator. The operator can manually unlock trays avoiding the need of an air compressor.
    Dimensions of EasyRobotics ProFeeder X cell
    The ProFeeder X dimensions
    EasyRobotics ProFeeder X with opened tray
    ProFeeder X with opened tray

    ProFeeder X advantages

    ProFeeder X has multiple advantages:

    • Working with CNC processes, it can manage heavy metal parts (up to 120 Kg on one tray).
    • It is flexible and accurate for small series production.
    • It can support productions that require batch or mass output.


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