ProFeeder Tray robotcell

    The ProFeeder Tray (former "Light") robotcell consists of a basic module with 1 universal parts tray designed for handling all types of parts. The system supports change of a parts tray - if necessary - the square pattern tray can be set instead of the default teardrop shape.

    The robotcell can perform small and medium series production and increase productivity  with a return on investment within 6 to 8 months. .

    This system is highly efficient and can be used when the production needs additional "pair of hands". Like other EasyRobotics products, ProFeeder Tray is also made of solid, powder-coated steel, that makes the system more durable and stable.

    ProFeeder Tray robotcell
    EasyRobotics ProFeeder Tray robotcell

    Robotcell applicability

    This robotcell consists of a basic module with 1 flexible parts tray designed for handling all types of parts.

    It can be used in countless industries adding value to application automation.


    • Metal and Machining;
    • Automotive;
    • Pharma;
    • Electronics;
    • Food Industry (*optional material - stainless steel).

    Staged investment

    When increased capacity is needed, the basic module, ProFeeder Tray, can be used together with any other EasyRobotics products (like Compact or X).


    Robotcell is mutually compatible with other products fromEasyRobotics and can be used as a first phase of fully automated production.


    PF Light parts-tray
    • Flexible cobot mount
    • Easy installation and use
    • High capacity of the parts-tray
    • Nice cable management
    • Compact dimensions - H918*W900*L800 mm

    Features of Light robotcell

    • High mobility. ProFeeder Tray can be moved easily with a forklift or with optional heavy-duty wheels;
    • Versatility of use. This robotcell is useful for any production that requires extra labor or needs speed increase of the operations;
    • Quick series changes. The system comes with universal parts-tray that can be used to perform operations and can be easily changed manually;
    • High compatibility. PF Tray supports almost all types of CNC machines;
    • High maneuverability. The robot arm attached to the ProFeeder is able to maneuver around all 3 dimensions and function up to a 45° angle axis.

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