Profeeder S robot-cell

    Profeeder S is a robust and cost effective robot-cell. The design is solid, unique and optimized by our engineers for gaining best performance in production automation.

    High efficiency of this robot-cell is not the only advantage - it is also a simpe and cost-effective solution. The product can provide high capacity by five large trays with maximum load up to 150 kilo each. Each tray has a mechanical magnetic lock.

    ProFeeder S by EasyRobotics
    EasyRobotics ProFeeder S
    PF S from EasyRobotics - sideview
    PF S sideview

    Robot-cell advantages

    Flexible cobot mount can the mounted on the left or the right side of the robot cell. Both sides are equipped with cable holes with plugs for convenient cable management.

    Bottom side of the robot cell is used as an internal compartment for small or medium sized controllers, that can be placed "layer down". The bigger versions of the controllers can be kept in external controller compartment, possibly mounted on both sides of the product.

    Main features

    EasyRobotics Profeeder X with opened tray
    • Contains up to 5 trays
    • Integrated or attachable controller compartment
    • Easily movable by forklift
    • Flexible cobot mounting and cable management
    • Compact dimensions - H1006*W1412*L920 mm
    ProFeeder S cell by EasyRobotics
    The ProFeeder S
    EasyRobotics ProFeeder S with external controller
    ProFeeder S with external controller


    Although it's 1.4 meter wide, the Profeeder S can be easily moved by a single person with a help of a forklift. That ensures high mobility and possibility to use the product on several positions /production lines during the working day.

    In general it's a robust, cost effective, capacious and simple robot cell, suitable for almost any kind of production (especially for bigger ones).

    Product order overview

    Product order overview
    PFS-1000-03 PF S 3x 100kg tray H: 900 mm, W: 933, L: 1600, Wt: 320 kg, 3x 800x400mm tray area, 100kg pr. tray, max part height 150mm
    PFS-1000-05 PF S 5x 100kg tray H: 900 mm, W: 933, L: 1600, Wt: 360 kg, 5x 800x400mm tray area, 100kg pr tray, max part height 70mm

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