ProFeeder Compact with Airlock by EasyRobotics
EasyRobotics ProFeeder Compact with Airlock
ProFeeder Compact from EasyRobotics with Mechlock
ProFeeder Compact with Mechlock

ProFeeder Compact

ProFeeder Compact is one-of-a-kind machine that is equipped with compact dimensions and is easily movable around the production facility. ProFeeder Compact takes less space in the factory and supports mass production.

The ProFeeder Compact is operated separately when being positioned in front of the machine. This product from EasyRobotics is a powerful robotic cell that comes with movable compact dimensions that supports the production.

In terms of flexibility, the ProFeeder Compact is very versatile as it can function from four different angles, that makes the movement unlimited. The ProFeeder X when combined with an EasyPedestal, can perform as a storage support. The system is highly mobile therefore it can be placed near different types of machines for further increasing of productivity.

The ProFeeder Compact has simple construction containing up to 10 trays that can be used to handle production easily with no requirement of extra retooling. In terms of size, it is highly compact and can be easily placed on all kinds of machinery. The system is also safe to operate without causing any trouble on the assembly line.

ProFeeder Compact features

Profeeder compact with EasyPedestal

The ProFeeder Compact has two different versions that can be differentiated by the tray locking system. The purpose of the locking is to provide protection to the operator and to run a smooth production.

The Profeeder Compact has following features:

  • Mechanical locking system or Air locking system;
  • Very compact footprint dimension. L610*W860*H1084mm;
  • Holds up to 10 trays;
  • GD wheels to transport parts (can be mounted optionally);
  • Optional Docking station;
  • Optional EasyPedestal for Robot Arm and controller compartment;
  • Air locking is running Modbus;
  • The trays can be customized depending on the requirements.

ProFeeder Compact supports following applications:

  • Machine tending
  • Polishing
  • Welding
  • Assembly
  • Measurement
EasyRobotics ProFeeder Compact dimensions
The ProFeeder Compact dimensions
EasyRobotics ProFeeder Compact machine tending
The ProFeeder Compact machine tending

Compact footprint

  •  More space at your factory floor
  •  More trays, faster processes
  •  Mass production
  •  Adaptability of different parts
  •  Customized trays


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