ProFeeder Compact XL - industrial automation solution.

    The Profeeder Compact XL is a great industrial automation solution for production of bigger series and production applications like machine tending, pick and place and many others.  It is fully compatible with 99% of modern collaborative robots and has robust design.

    The product has high capacity, so it can be used as an additional storage for parts, as well as placed next to CNC machines in order to increase autonomy and productivity. It may contain up to 5 spacious trays 780 x 620mm, that can be used with details up to 160mm height. Thanks to Airlock and Mechlock locking systems - they make Compact-XL safe and easy to maintain by the operator.

    Compact XL industrial automation solution
    PF Compact-XL automation solution
    Compact-XL with opened tray
    PF Compact-XL with tray opened

    What is efficient industrial automation solution?

    Industrial automation solutions in manufacturing are created to simplify and speed up the workflows, to save the staff from inefficient monotonous manual labor and retrain them for more qualified and interesting work, improving accuracy and efficiency of the production process. The manufacturing complexity is considerably reduced by efficient automation solutions, which can be used to improve most of the known industrial applications.

    Efficient solution in industrial automation is multifunctional. Profeeder Compact-XL can be used in multiple industries, it can efficiently work with conveyor, interact with one or few CNC machines at the same time. It can be easily moved around the production area and used as main or additional storage for different kinds of parts with height up to 160 mm.  It can improve production operations by optimizing workflows and substituting error-prone manual labor with accurate automated procedures.

    Automation solutions simplify workflows in any industry, streamline and speed up complicated production environments by optimizing many applications, like machine tending, pick and place, conveyor layout and many more. Businesses may produce more quickly and concentrate time and attention on mission-critical issues with better efficiency and fewer barriers.

    Main features

    ProFeeder Compact XL with robot pedestal

    Compact XL is a capacious but compact robot-cell movable around the production area. It is versatile and can be used in collaboration with any other EasyRobotics products. This industrial automation solution does not have a robot mount - therefore, you need to use it in conjunction with robot pedestals (like EasyPedestal) or multifunctional robotic cells, where the robot can be mounted.

    Let`s take a closer look at the features:

    • Capacious solution. It contains 5 big trays 780 x 620mm that can be used with details with maximum height up to 160mm.
    • 100% compatibility. Compatible with all collaborative robots, pedestals, CNC machines and conveyors.
    • Two locking systems. The product is available with either Airlock or Mechlock locking system.
    • Spacious but compact. The sizes of the robot cell are H: 1165mm, W: 1220mm, L: 920mm.
    • Suitable for mass production. The product is made for working with bigger series of production in industrial automation.
    • Professional solution. It is designed to decrease cycle time and increase the speed of production by proper detail storage organization.

    Product order overview

    Product order overview
    PFC-2100-05 PF Compact-XL 5x 90kg tray w. Mechlock H: 1050 mm, W: 1220, L: 920, Wt: 505 kg, 5x 780x620mm tray area, 2,5mm deflection at 90kg, Max part height 160mm, Mechlock
    PFC-2101-05 PF Compact-XL 5x 90kg tray w. Airlock H: 1165 mm, W: 1220, L: 920, Wt: 520 kg, 5x 780x620mm tray area, 2,5mm deflection at 90kg, Max part height 160mm, Airlock

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