ProFeeder Alu (former Table) - robot work cell

    The ProFeeder Alu (former Table) is a compact robot work cell perfectly made for a great number of applications, like polishing, finishing, pick and place or assembly. Highly flexible robot table contains no trays, provides mobility and makes it fast to get started with automation.

    The expansion and investment can be made gradually, in accordance with your production needs. The integration of the robot work cell in the production process can be performed in 3 steps, from production automation of small series - to full automation of large production series, upgraded afterwards.

    ProFeeder Table work cell from EasyRobotics
    EasyRobotics robot work cell

    Robot work cell advantages

    As all products of EasyRobotics, this robot work cell is made of high-quality materials that ensure high durability and reliability and has following features:

    • Flexible cobot mount - it can be easily moved on 3 sides of the robot table;
    • Easy installation and use - the robot table comes 95% assembled. Just mount the cobot and it`s ready to work;
    • Universal top-plate - it has a spacious universal top-plate, made from aluminium profile;
    • Nice cable management - convenient wire canals are placed next to cobot mount points;
    • Compact dimensions - H918*W900*L800 mm, easily movable with a with fork-lift by a single person;
    • Solid design - ProFeeder Alu is produced of powder-coated steel that gives the system a fine finished look and makes it long-lasting.

    Features of robot work cell

    robot work cell closeup

    PF Alu (former Table) from EasyRobotics is a universal robot work cell, that makes the robot automation quick and flexible. Prepared for the mount of all types of clamping tools, it is perfectly suitable for the assembly, demonstration or testing purposes as a part of the production line or near the CNC machine.

    It does not contain any part trays and comes with only one table that is sufficient for its tasks. Although this robot table is originally designed for a small-sized production, it can as well support the bigger production by providing an option to be upgraded with another EasyRobotics products (which are 100% mutually compatible).

    Perfectly suitable for following applications:

    • Cutting
    • Finishing and Polishing
    • Deburring
    • Grinding
    • Assembly
    ProFeeder Alu is a highly competent tool that guarantees a return on investment within the timeframe of 6-8 months. The system requires a manual change of parts and therefore is highly suitable for small series production. This robot table is highly flexible and can provide optional mobility with heavy-duty wheels.

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