EasyPalletizer Pro - the new version of cobot palletizer

    The Easy Palletizer Pro is a lightweight and portable cobot palletizer that was developed with the intention of simplifying and speeding up the process of palletizing inside a production plant.

    Easy Palletizer Pro is fully compatible with 99% of modern collaborative robots, has an edition with lifting module, and is compatible with pallets used in the United States of America, Australia, and Europe.
    Easy Palletizer Pro
    EasyPalletizer Pro model
    EasyPalletizer Pro frontview
    Palletizer Pro with generic robot

    Cobot palletizing and depalletizing system

    The EasyRobotics palletizer consists of a main console that has an inside compartment for storing the robot controller, cables, hosts, and either a lifting module or a pedestal. On each side of the product there is a pallet docking system, that can measure the right position of the pallet and inform, if the pallet is positioned wrong. The system also has extended "legs", that can be expanded for use when working with larger cobots.

    The EasyPalletizer Pro is entirely compatible with collaborative robots that have a payload capacity of up to 20 kilograms, such as the UR20 series or the Doosan H-series.

    This professional robotic palletizing system makes the process simpler and more streamlined.   The use of robots in automation helps to keep the palletizing flexible, reliable, and productive.  Combinations of various grippers and a conveyor belt allow to palletize various types of goods in various package types quickly and efficiently.

    Every business needs effective packaging. EasyPalletizer Pro helps to expedite, streamline, and simplify the packaging process and  reduce health risks for employees by keeping them from doing monotonous duties and heavy lifting.


    EasyRobotics EasyPalletizer Pro closeup

    The EasyPalletizer Pro controller and control buttons are conveniently located on a console with the height of a 1.4 meters, that makes work easy and comfortable.

    EasyRobotics understands the industrial requirement of palletization with a collaborative robot arm. Robots are fast and help to improve the quality of packaging. Additionally, they not only make palletizing and packaging of goods more systematic, which is important in the reduction of storage costs, but also ensure a clean packing process, especially essential for food and pharma goods.

    The lightweight EasyRobotics Palletizer Pro is ideal for a variety of uses:

    1. Floor level Palletizing and depalletizing;
    2. Load and Unload from/to conveyor belt;
    3. Nonstop, end of the line conveyor palletizing;

    An internal components plate allows for convenient product attachment inside the EasyPalletizer Pro's console. This may include communication wires, air hoses etc .

    The Palletizer Pro can be shipped with the following accessories:

    • Permanently fixed pedestal;
    • Lifted pedestal.
    ER cobot palletizer inside view
    Cobot palletizer inside view

    Functions of EasyPalletizer Pro

    • RJ45 Ethernet connector. The Palletizer Pro comes with installed plug-in Ethernet connector, which allows for monitoring and access through a third-party manufactured devices.
    • Control buttons. The control panel of the console has buttons for each side operation. They activate the function of the pallet, stop the operation or activate the "reset" function.
    • Pallet detection. The Palletizer has four detecting pins on each pallet site, and these pins make sure that the pallets are docked correctly before beginning the palletizing process. Because of the functionality of the loading stability, as well as the safe functioning of the components' stabling, both of these are assured.
    • Multifunctional LED lights. There are two I/O connectable multifunctional LED lights located on the front panel of the EasyPalletizer Pro.

    Cobot palletizer benefits

    Cobot palletizer with opened compartment
    • Enhances both the productivity and quality of the packaging process;
    • Reduces operational expenses;
    • Increases the speed and accuracy of the cobot palletizing;
    • Provides complete control over all aspects of the operations;
    • Offers a wide variety of operational patterns to choose from;
    • Provides higher security and less hazards for employees.

    The EasyPalletizer Pro is a cobot palletizer, manufactured by EasyRobotics. It is designed to change the dynamic of the packaging process by increasing efficiency and effectiveness on all levels, bringing production to a higher level of technological and automated advancement.


    Product order overview

    Product order overview
    PTP-1000 Palletizer Pro Base H: 1402 mm, W: 900, L: 1850, Wt: 280 kg, For 2 pallets with 2 sensors and 2 configurable LED-lights, 1 cardboard holder, Modbus
    PTP-1001 Palletizer Pro with fixed pedestal 835mm H: 1402 mm, W: 900, L: 1850, Wt: 310 kg, For 2 pallets with 2 sensors and 2 configurable LED-lights, 1 cardboard holder, pedestal 835mm, Modbus
    PTP-1002 Palletizer Pro with fixed pedestal 1200mm H: 1402 mm, W: 900, L: 1850, Wt: 325 kg, For 2 pallets with 2 sensors and 2 configurable LED-lights, 1 cardboard holderr, pedestal 1200mm, Modbus
    PTP-1003 Palletizer Pro with Lifting column 876-1776mm H: 1402 mm, W: 900, L: 1850, Wt: 280 kg, For 2 pallets with 2 sensors and 2 configurable LED-lights, 1 cardboard holder, Modbus, Lifting column with Modbus*
    PTP-1004 Cardboard holder

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