The E-Door from EasyRobotics is build upon the best components from Siemens. Easydoor is a flexible door opening solution for a variety of door opening applications in the industry.

    The Easy Door system can be applied either for a two-door application or single door opening. The solutions is applicable for door systems up to 180 KG.

    The Solution

    The solution monitors the weight of the door automatically, as well as moving forcers and energy compliant to the performance level PL of the safety standard for machine doors EN ISO13849 Part 1. In the solution there is an interface for integration into a high level controller through simple connection. Either using Profinet, Profibus or the digital input of the control system.  

    Main Features

    • Works with single sliding doors.
    • Safety. If an obstacle is detected, EasyDoor reverses. just like an elevator door.
    • Cost effective.
    • Easy installation.


    It’s a robust, industrial and high performing product created through the integration of mature and standardized components from Siemens. Simply said, it’s an amazing product.

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