EasyDesk - a universal robot workstation

    EasyDesk is a universal robot workstation - a spacious and yet compact platform with 3 different tabletops. Suitable for 99% of modern collaborative robots, the workstation aims to help manufacturers increase production, automate processes, improve profitability and reduce wages.

    This robot workstation is a user-friendly robot cell series compatible with 99% of modern collaborative robots, all CNC machines and any type of conveyor belt. It is carefully designed to simplify the automation process and speed up a wide range of production applications.

    EasyDesk - a universal robot workstation by EasyRobotics
    EasyDesk - robot workstation with 3 different tabletops
    Easydesk Tray - a machine tending solution
    EasyDesk Tray - a solution for machine tending
    EasyDesk Alu - universal workstation with aluminium tabletop
    EasyDesk Alu - universal workstation for collaborative robots
    EasyDesk Welding - a welding robot station
    EasyDesk Welding - workstation for automatic welding robot

    Types of workstations

    A new workstation for robots from EasyRobotics is constructed from solid 6mm steel, and has three different tabletops suitable for different applications.

    • EasyDesk Tray  - spacious stainless steel robot worktable with 96 universal spots to accommodate parts.
    • EasyDesk Alu  - spacious cobot table for mounting of all types of clamping equipment or parts for processing. 
    • EasyDesk Welding - robot welding workstation with plasma nitrided steel tabletop with laser cut 16mm holes, suitable for clamps and fixtures.

    The setup is easy, because the product is delivered 90% assembled. All you need is to mount the cobot, install the controller and start producing.

    One of the interesting features is a pull-out controller mount - controller compartment is equipped with easy access pull-out tray.

    EasyDesk Tray

    EasyDesk tray - a robotic workstation
    Universal solution with spacious tabletop made from stainless steel, containing 96 spots for parts accommodation.
    • Customizable tabletop parts-tray. You can choose standard 94x Ø0-70 parts-tray or customize it for your requirements.
    • Good investment. The typical return on investment is less than 1 year.
    • Universal solution. Increased capacity makes it the perfect solution for CNC machine tending. It's equipped with Universal 2 mm parts-tray with 94 spots.
    • Increased efficiency. Automated supply of the CNC machine ensures consistent high quality. The required man-hours for operation can be reduced from 8 hours to less than 1 hour.
    EasyDesk Tray is mainly designed for CNC machine tending, but also can be used for the following applications:
    • Polishing
    • Welding
    • Bin Picking
    • Assembly
    • Measurement
    Robot workstation is equipped with re-attachable mount plate. The place of attachment of the cobot`s mount plate can be changed along the entire length of 3 working sides - that allows to choose the best position to ensure 100% reach over the whole tabletop.

    EasyDesk Tray video

    EasyDesk Alu - a spacious workstation by EasyRobotics
    EasyDesk - a universal cobot solution with tabletop from 40" aluminium profile

    EasyDesk Alu

    EasyDesk Alu from EasyRobotics is a spacious robot cell, prepared for use in numerous applications in large series productions. It's a convenient and universal solution for large series productions. The wide tabletop 1200x800mm is made of 40mm aluminum profile, which supports work with up to 300 kg and provides versatility of use. Despite its size, Easydesk is highly mobile - it can be easily moved at any time using a pallet lifter. EasyDesk Alu is good for following applications:
    • Cutting
    • Finishing and Polishing
    • Deburring
    • Grinding
    • Quality Control
    Robot workcell can be used in countless industries, among which:
    • Metal and Machining
    • Plastic and Polymers
    • Automotive
    • Pharma
    • Electronics
    • Chemical
    Cobot console can be mounted at 0° or 45° angle to ensure 100% reach across the entire tabletop.

    EasyDesk Welding

    EasyDesk Welding - a robotic welding workstation
    EasyDesk Welding is a high-quality welding and assembly table with built-in universal mount for all types of cobots and a retractable controller compartment. It is made for automatic/semiautomatic welding of any metal constructions of suitable size.  
    • High quality welding tabletop. The tabletop of EasyDesk Welding is made of a high quality plasma nitrided steel, which guarantees long and reliable work. It has laser cut 16mm holes along the entire length, suitable for robust clamping and fixtures.
    • Perfect size for welding. Robot workstation is equipped with perforated, plasma nitrided steel plate X 8.7, 1200 x 800 x 12mm.
    • Steady, but flexible and mobile. EasyDesk`s trotters can be securely fixed to the floor with fasteners, but if you need to move it to a different location or place - you can easily do it with a pallet lifter.
    Our automatic welding solution has the following features:
    • The robot cell is 100% compatible with all cobots.
    • The robot arm can be moved around on all 3 sides.
    • Cobot console mounted at a 0° and 45° angle to ensure reach across the entire tabletop.

    EasyDesk Welding video

    Interactive model

    Product order overview

    Product order overview
    ED-1000-T ED Tray H: 902 mm, W: 1550mm, L: 890mm, Wt: 330 kg, T-Pad bracket, Compartment for controller, 45 degree angle for robot, DT-1000-04 included
    ED-1001-A ED Alu H: 932 mm, W: 1550mm, L: 890mm, Wt: 305 kg, T-Pad bracket, Controller compartment, Robot-mount with 45 degree angle, Alu-profile 40 tabletop
    ED-1002-W ED Welding H: 972 mm, W: 1550mm, L: 890mm, Wt: 420 kg, T-Pad bracket, Controller-compartment, 45 degree robot-angle, Perforated plate X8.7 1200x800x12 Plasma nitrided

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