Robot pedestal by EasyRobotics
EasyPedestal Pro version
Robot pedestal EasyPedestal Base
EasyPedestal Base version
EasyPedestal Pro back view
EasyPedestal Pro version back view
EasyPedestal Pro backview
EasyPedestal Pro back
Robot Pedestal Pro model, opened
EasyPedestal Pro with opened compartment
EasyPedestal Pro opened backview
EasyPedestal Pro with opened compartment, back

EasyPedestal - handy robot pedestal

Robot pedestal from EasyRobotics is a highly compact and cost-effective solution, that is made to fixture any collaborative robot brand, such as: Doosan, Kassow, Hanwha and UR.

Collaborative robots or cobots are the most recent technology that is shaping the dynamic of a manufacturing world. The impact is both on small- and large-scale businesses, as it helps in expanding productivity. Mounted on a robot pedestal or robot-cell, they are designed to share the workspace with people, helping them in monotonous work.

EasyPedestal is a cost-effective and smart robot pedestal, that can be operated not only in combination with the highly efficient ProFeeder or ProFeeder Compact but also used individually. It is suitable for various types of machines, in different workstations. ER robot pedestal is a very adaptable product and when it works in combination with ProFeeder Compact it produces tremendous results. It is one of a kind tool that is created for the purpose to support the users in ways that can be essential in making the collaborative robot more efficient.

ER robot pedestal features

EasyRobotics Robot Pedestal with opened controller compartment
  • COMPACT – save space at your factory floor by combining EasyPedestal + the ProFeeder Compact – full solution at your hands!
  • STABILITY – our robot pedestals and workstations are created from solid metal, where durability is crucial when working with machine tools –tending applications.
  • STATE - OF - THE - ART DESIGN – our products are carefully designed by experienced industrial engineers who understand all the features of cobot workflows.
Considering that infrastructure can be a headache for manufacturers, our robot stands and workstations are designed to fit into any workspace.
EasyPedestal Pro and Base versions
EasyPedestal Pro and Base


  • EasyPedestal is a compact robot pedestal and, like all EasyRobotics products, it is created to meet the needs of the manufacturer, with a highly flexible infrastructure, making its installation possible even in small spaces.
  • It is made from solid metal that ensures stability and durability, both being highly important for CNC machinery, specially to work with machine tools-tending applications.
  • Along all technical advantages, EasyPedestal is also cost-effective and budget friendly.
  • It supports different types of cobots, and can be adapted to different workstations.
Up to 3 tables can be mounted on this robot pedestal

EasyPedestal advantages

EasyRobotics Robot Pedestal angle view

EasyPedestal is sturdy and made from 6 mm powder laminated steel that has cable trays integrated with it., besides being user-friendly. It can be placed on the surface of the ground by using 8x8 mm screws in both stable and industrial arrangements. It is 925 mm tall from the ground and weighs 70 kilograms. The products designed by EasyRobotics are not only advance in technology in terms of functionality, but they are also manufactured using the best material to ensure durability and stability for a longer time.

EasyPedestal can perform maneuvers of the robotic arm to steer it for 360 degrees around the midpoint of the robot pedestal. It has components that ensure a safe and secure work environment, such as the compartment created for the controller unit, helping to protect the sensitive parts of the unit from the industrial workplace risks. Additionally, it also provides extra space to accommodate other devices. The storage capacity is created to support the idea of compact machinery that is the demand of today’s industrial world on a verge of full automation.


EasyPedestal Pro dimensions


Product order overview

Product order overview
ER-1003-00 EasyPedestal Base H: 925 mm, Wt: 52 kg, T-Pad bracket
ER-1003-01 EasyPedestal Base One H: 925 mm, Wt: 64 kg, T-Pad bracket, One table
ER-1003-03 EasyPedestal Base Three H: 925 mm, Wt: 88 kg, T-Pad bracket, Three tables
ER-1005-00 EasyPedestal Pro H: 925 mm, Wt: 80 kg, T-Pad bracket, Compartment for controller
ER-1005-01 EasyPedestal Pro One H: 925 mm, Wt: 92 kg, T-Pad bracket, Compartment for controller, One table
ER-1005-03 EasyPedestal Pro Three H: 925 mm, Wt: 118 kg, T-Pad bracket, Compartment for controller, Three tables

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