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Danish Design Award Recognises EasyRobotics’ robot invention ER5

Better work with a flexible cobot solution

The successful export company EasyRobotics made the cut in the prestigous design competition Danish Design Award for its “plug & produce” rolling cobot solution ER5. On Tuesday the company from southern Denmark was named as one of four finalists for the category Better Work.

Not many workers find job satisfaction in placing a new part in a CNC machine, picking up the finished product, putting it on a shelf, and repeating this same process every four minutes. This is why EasyRobotics’ intuitive and automatic “machine tending solution” MobileCobotPlatform ER5 is a boon for industry operators. In naming the finalists, Danish Design Award has recognised the invention ER5 from EasyRobotics in Sønderborg as a product that strongly enhances the work environment, employee well-being, and output.

The idea for the product was the brainchild of the innovative entrepreneur Per Lachenmeier. He envisioned maximising the flexibility of the new generation of industry robots—lightweight collaborative robot arms from the Danish producer Universal Robots. Employees within production and other industrial branches can easily program various tasks for the cobot throughout the course of their working day.

At EasyRobotics, we place importance on increasing the degree of automation at both small and large production facilities. Due to this concern, I got the idea to build a complete, mobile solution with easy installation and programming of robot technology. The operator simply rolls the robot over to a machine that needs tended, plugs it in, and chooses a template, so he can then let the robot take over tending to the machine, while he focuses on more demanding tasks without interruption. By doing this, the operator becomes more effective and the production more flexible, adaptable, and cost-competitive, says Peter Lachenmeier.

The ER5 is shaped and designed by the designer Henning Therkelsen in close collaboration with EasyRobotics.

An international jury will announce the grand-prize winner of the four nominees for the Better Work category on 28 May 2018 from the headquarters of the Confederation of Danish Industry. Danish Design Award 2018 received 180 nominations, according to Programme Director Christina Melander.

Experience tells us that this award, which will be awarded for the 50th time, carries a lot of prestige for Danish export companies. This has been confirmed by surveying previous finalists and winners. The concept of Danish design carries a lot of weight across the world. To develop extremely user-friendly design is so well-integrated into product development in Denmark, it could easily be said that this is essential to the DNA of Danish design. The finalist EasyRobotics is a clear example of this. We Danes almost take good design for granted, because it is in accordance with our fundamental democratic values of the community, which for example predicate that new technology should be accessible to everyone, says Christina Melander.

EasyRobotics has already experienced that their product ER5 is a great fit for global industry. The company launched the product at the international industry convention hi Tech & Industry in Herning, Denmark in October 2017, and later presented at other events in Europe, Asia and the USA. This has resulted in an influx of orders from near and far and from a variety of industries, including automobile and electronic.

“Last Friday we received an order from the USA. The customer called me to find out how many ER5s he would receive if he ordered a container filled to the brim with them. The answer was 25 MobileCobotPlatforms. It is so enjoyable to work with selling this product, because it is so easy for the end users to use and contributes to making their jobs a lot more interesting”, says Anders Kjempff, Sales Manager at EasyRobotics.


Per Lachenmeier, Founder, CEO, EasyRobotics, +45 24 86 56 11,
Anders Kjempff, Sales Manager & Co-owner, EasyRobotics, +45 53 77 02 67,
Christina Melander, Programme Director, Danish Design Award, +45 2946 2922,


Danish Design Award compiles its international jury of a team with business and design competencies, which match the prizes’ categories and judgment criteria. The Danish Design Award 2018 jury is:

  • Agnes Kwek, Executive Director, Singapore Design Council
  • Charlotte Sahl-Madsen, CEO, Capital of Children
  • Claus Skytte, creative strategist, writer & Speaker, Co-founder of Resecond / Claus Skytte Holding
  • Joel Towers, Executive Dean, Parsons School of Design
  • Lene Dammand Lund, Rector, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation (KADK), board member of Design Denmark
  • Lotte Lyngsted Jepsen, Innovation Director and Partner, Hatch & Bloom
  • Mads Quistgaard, Design Director, Urgent Agency
  • Peter Hebin Bruun, Head of Communication Sustainability, The Danish Growth Fund
  • Pil Bredahl, owner of Pil Bredahl Design, designer and Vice Chairman of Design Denmark
  • Richard Hsu, Co-founder and Creative Director of Pan-Asia network / curator and Creative Director of TEDx Shanghai and TEDx Senior Ambassador to China
  • Rikke Ulk, CEO and founder of the consultancy firm Antropologerne ApS
  • Søren Skafte Overgaard, Partner and Board Member, FRIDAY & Partners
  • Thomas Ibsen, Founder og Creative Director, PLEASE WAIT to be SEATED
  • Thomas Madsen-Mygdal, Co-founder and CEO, Twentythree
  • Vigga Svensson, Co-founder and CEO,

Jury Chairman (no vote):

  • Jesper von Wieding, Strategic Creative Director Pearlfisher / 3X / board member of Design Denmark

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