Warzaw Metaltech 2023 – robotic machine tending by ProFeeder Compact Robot & Hanwha cobot

    Corobotics, a leading robotics integrator company from Poland, proudly presented one of its best selling products – the ProFeeder Compact Robot, at the Warzaw Metaltech 2023 Exhibition. This cutting-edge technology is designed to revolutionize the way businesses handle robotic machine tending and material handling needs. The ProFeeder Compact Robot offers an efficient and cost-effective solution […]

    New Products release 2023

    We are happy to announce, that we have released 4 new products on the market. Thanks to your feedbacks and wishes, we have completely redesigned the basic ProFeeder platform – now the main representative of this platform will be the ProFeeder Tray – a universal and compact solution for automating production processes. The cell is […]

    Radyne induction scanner automated by EasyPedestal @Rockford ball screw

    Our partner and distributor PCC Robotics has recently finished a project of induction scanner automation @ Rockford ball screw – an industry leader in Ball Screws and Linear Guide Rails. UR10e COBOT from Universal Robotics was successfully mounted on the EasyPedestal robot pedestal, and installed in front of the Radyne Vertical Induction Scanner. Automation of […]

    New Multitech Experience planned on september 2022 in Romania

    Our distributor Multitech has planned a new automation exhibition “Multitech Experience” on September 2022. On the event the company plans to represent our products Profeeder X and EasyPalletizer, together with solutions from Universal robots, MIR and Onrobot.

    How EasyPalletizers are checked before shipping

    In our company, we are very careful about the quality of our products and understand how important it is to check the goods before sending them to the customer. Our distributors have the same opinion. When ordering any of our products, you can be sure that it has been thoroughly checked and tested before shipping. […]

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