Inevitable automation

    Inevitable automation

    The exchange of digitised information has generated great expectations among today’s customers. These customers need high-quality and fast-delivered products for a reasonable price. In such conditions it is becoming increasingly difficult for small and medium businesses to maintain low operating costs.

    The new step forward

    Automation can be the answer. Automating repetitive dexterous tasks, similar to those found in some production environments, will help organisations keep up with current requirements while maintaining the safety of their employees. Of course, apart from automation investments, owners should also invest in retraining employees to achieve automation goals and understand that these investments will definitely justify themselves.

    Collaborative robots offer workers an additional opportunity to interpret and use data to make decisions and determine the current level of demand. With the introduction of automation, managers will be able to use their time more efficiently, and manual tasks that were previously performed slowly can now be performed at a higher speed without human errors or mental fatigue. While humans may resist the changes that automation brings, robots are a valuable investment for society, providing people with skills instead of boring monotonous work.

    Accepting an alternative relationship

    Many small businesses have heard about the benefits of automation, but misinterpretation of new technologies has caused fear around this concept. Focusing on long-term success rather than on problems reorganising current processes and workflows will allow companies to introduce a new production model in which collaborative robots are indispensable part.

    One of the positive aspects of automation is that many robot manufacturers, like Universal Robotics, Doosan, Fanuc and others create a friendly ecosystem in the internet with different examples, additional equipment, lections and courses. This movement made it possible to automate production lines and helped to automate tasks that robots could not previously perform. These companies have created opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses thanks to a fast, light and simple automation, inspired by successful cases around the globe.

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