Food automation with innovative robot-cells and cobots

    Why food automation is so actual nowadays? The speed and efficiency of food production largely determines the profitability of a business. After all, the faster the release is made, the more goods the company will be able to supply and, as a result, sell. At the same time, the quality of products should not suffer, otherwise you risk reducing the number of regular customers and orders.

    How can you achieve high production speeds without losing quality? In the conditions of the predominant use of manual labor – no way. This can be done through the integration of food automation – integration of collaborative robots and cells at all stages of production.

    Human capabilities are limited, people cannot work for days without making mistakes. The robot, on the other hand, is able to perform the assigned tasks clearly, quickly and continuously.

    Through the integration of collaborative robots and cells, it is possible to carry out both partial and full automation of the food industry, which will help to take a step forward towards increasing productivity.

    Why EasyRobotics robot-cells are the only sure way to food automation?

    All EasyRobotics cells are characterized by high efficiency, excellent performance, portability and interoperability. Such qualities are indispensable for modern production equipment, because they help to solve a number of tasks, such as:

    • Increasing the speed of release, labeling, assembly and formation of pallets for subsequent shipment;
    • Reduction of labor costs due to a decrease in the need for labor hands, which cells and cobots are able to replace;
    • Fast and problem-free movement of cells, their reconfiguration and use at different stages of production;
    • Easy reprogramming of equipment in accordance with the assigned tasks, which does not require special training and the hiring of qualified employees;
    • Ensuring uninterrupted production up to 24/7, subject to the  minimal control by the operator;
    • Reduction of the footprint due to the compact dimensions of the cells.
    • Reduced overall costs for the entire production cycle, resulting in higher profits.

    Equipping production with collaborative robots and multifunctional cells will provide the company with a significant increase in productivity. The integration of innovative technologies will allow you to withstand the competition with dignity, leaving your opponents behind.

    Become the owner of modern equipment that allows you to make proper food automation right now! And let your business work more efficiently for you.

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