Electronics automation with collaborative robots and robot-cells

Electronics industry – increasing line productivity and improving quality control with cells from EasyRobotics

Today’s world creates the high need in electronics automation. Modern standards for the production of electronic components and precision engineering are quite high – in order to remain competitive, the production process must be optimized and tuned as much as possible. Collaborative Automation Solutions from Easy Robotics can help your business. They are compatible with all kinds of collaborative robots – so you can choose any distributor closest to your place of production.

Increased productivity, better assembling quality and lower costs

Let’s take a look at exactly how EasyRobotics cells can help your business:

  1. Increased productivity.
    By using collaborative robots and ER cells together, significant productivity gains can be achieved. Correctly configured solutions allow you to increase the number of shifts on the production line and perform many actions in a semi-automatic mode. Profeeder with movable trolleys, Profeeder Flex with up to three tables with the possibility of making customized trays and a properly selected robot gripper can increase line productivity up to 4 times.
  2. Improving assembly quality
    EasyRobotics robotic cells can be used not only for working with machines, but also with a conveyor. Assembly and quality control can be carried out on the convenient Profeeder Table cells. By streamlining the process and using electronics automation solutions, assembly quality is improved, and scrap rates are reduced.
  3. Reducing costs
    The use of automated solutions in production reduces the need for manual labor. The natural decrease in personnel leads to a decrease in the salary fund. In addition, the use of mobile solutions based on Profeeder Flex and ER Work cells allows for quick changeover of production lines and integration of a mobile cell with a robot in different production areas. This significantly reduces costs, and therefore increases the profit of the enterprise.

Automation of electronics industry and precision engineering

  • Allows 90% transition from manual to machine labor,
  • Has low cost (available to small and medium enterprises)
  • Can be done in stages
  • Fully pays off in 1 year
  • Reduces injuries at the enterprise
  • Increases productivity and quality of production
  • Reduces fixed costs

In today’s business environment, you can gain a competitive edge with automated cell solutions from Easy Robotics. For more information and the selection of cubicles suitable for your requirements, contact one of the regional distributors, or write to us directly – we will be happy to help you.

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