Automotive automation with collaborative robots

How to increase line productivity by integrating cells from EasyRobotics in Automotive manufacturing?

The automation of automotive manufacturing is an important part of a nowadays industry. It’s hard to imagine a modern car assembly line without industrial and collaborative robots. But when it comes to optimizing production processes and reducing cycle times, there is always room for improvement.

EasyRobotics manufactures interoperable robo-cells that can significantly reduce cycle times at every stage of vehicle production.
ER cells are multifunctional and compatible with all kinds of collaborative robots. The integration of ER cells will increase line safety and productivity, reduce production cycle times and make robots work in a semi-automatic mode 24 hours a day.

Increased productivity, better assembling quality and lower costs

Let’s take a look at exactly how Easy Robotics cells can help your business:

  1. Reduces cycle times on production lines using CNC machines (Profeeder, PF Light, Flex, X and Compact with Easydoor)
  2. Reduces the time of operations on the assembly line (profeeder table)
  3. Accelerates and automates the packaging and palletizing process of finished products (Easy Palletizer)
  4. In addition, parts marking and assembly quality checks (Profeeder Table) can be performed using Easy Robotics cells.

Easy Robotics cells are very compact and do not take up much space. This allows the integration of cobots into any workshop, even in limited space. Some of them are mobile (Profeeder Flex, Er Work) and can be moved by one person from machine to machine and even from one production line to another. This is very convenient if the production is phased and focused on a specific number of parts (batch). Then one and the same cell can be used at different stages of production, in different production areas of the enterprise.

The equipment is easy to set up and start. Within a few hours from the moment of delivery you have a fully – automated high-performance production line. This gives you a competitive advantage and takes productivity and flexibility to the new level.

Using robotic cells in conjunction with collaborative robots in the automotive industry.

  1. Ergonomic screw cell for PCB mount/build

Easy Robotics Cells are your competitive edge. Contact one of the regional distributors for more information and the selection of the cell best suited to your application, or write to us directly – we will be happy to help you.

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