Quality Testing Automation Using Cobots and Profeeder Table Cells

    For efficient production, regardless of the product type, automation is indispensable. This can be a partial or complete replacement of manual labor with the work of a cobot in tandem with a multifunctional cell. And this applies to absolutely all stages of production, from the automation of manufacturing to quality testing automation.

    The last process is one of the most important, because it demonstrates the result of production and allows you to ensure stable product quality. Yes, testing can be done by a person, but not a single one, even the most experienced employee, is able to provide the same high speed and accuracy of operations, which is a general characteristic of robotic technology.

    Equipping the quality testing system with modern technology will not only increase productivity and efficiency, but also reduce the number of returns and rejects. In modern conditions of fierce competition among manufacturers, this is especially important.

    Profeeder Table – your reliable assistant on the way to quality testing automation

    The Profeeder Table is a compact cell that is ideal for demonstrating, assembling and testing the quality of various types of products. It can also be used in the automatic execution of a number of tasks, such as:

    • cutting;
    • grinding;
    • welding;
    • polishing;
    • laser engraving.

    Since all cell modules from the Profeeder series are mutually compatible, they can be subsequently replaced and/or combined in order to optimize the equipment for specific tasks. As a result, it is possible to achieve both partial or complete automation at any stage of production.

    But these are not all the benefits of using collaborative robotic cells from EasyRobotics. Also worth noting:

    1. Equipment mobility;
    2. Optimal weight (200-300 kg);
    3. Multifunctionality;
    4. Compactness, providing savings in production area (average footprint is 1 square meter);
    5. Long service life due to the use of high quality materials in the manufacture of cells (Steel 2 mm thick);
    6. Optimal configuration;
    7. Mutual compatibility of cells.

    An important fact is the presence of the possibility of expanding the table and equipment of the cell with a safety laser. The latter can be installed on any product from the ProFeeder line, regardless of the configuration.

    What else do you get with the Profeeder Table?

    • Reducing the wage bill;
    • Increasing the speed and productivity of the quality testing process;
    • Possibility to improve the mobility of the device by mounting heavy-duty wheels.

    Leave your competitors far behind by fully automating product quality testing with innovative collaborative robots and cells from EasyRobotics. Contact your regional dealers or directly with us, and experts will be happy to advise you, as well as help you to set up quality testing automation on your production site.

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