Mix of machine tending cases from US

    In the video you can see examples of use of the Profeeder, Profeeder Light and Easywork robot platforms in tandem with CNC Milling, Grinding, Lathe and Drilling machines.

    These automation cases in machine tending are a clear visualization of how you can quickly and easily automate production processes in your machine shop, speeding up the production, saving wage funds and improving the qualifications of your employees.

    Machine tending automation case story @ Oakridge fabrication

    The machine maintenance process at Oak Ridge was carried out completely manually. After the introduction of automated solutions based on ProFeeder robot cells, the company's productivity has increased several times.

    According to one of the operators, Eric Kanz, he can now alone do the work of several people. At the same time, the downtime of CNC machines was significantly reduced and an additional night shift was implemented - all this made it possible to increase productivity and increase profits!

    EasyPalletizer automation case by our distributor ALL EMBEDDED

    Take a look at the new palletizer automation case. EasyPalletizer with a Doosan collaborative robot mounted is set up in a warehouse in the end of the production line, by the conveyor. Now, every day around the clock, it creates beautiful pallets up to 1.90 meters high from 16 kilogram carton boxes.

    Profeeder CNC milling-machine automation case by Cobot Systems

    Another successful case of machine tending automation, performed by our respected partner at QTR Inc.

    The ProFeeder robot-cell is installed in front of a CNC mill-machine to make second and third lights out shifts possible. Running 24 hours everyday @QTR Incorporated. The setup is controlled by one operator and each shift it is producing different types of details. The ProFeeder is working together with UR collaborative robot.

    ProFeeder X machine tending automation case by GIBAS

    A machine tending automation case, performed with help of ProFeeder X robot cell by Gibas NV. Collaborative robot cell ProFeeder X is set up on a side of a CNC machine. It has a mounted robot from Universal Robots and Onrobot dual gripper. As a result - an increase in the processing speed of parts by 2 times.

    Robotic palletizer with vacuum grip - implementation case from EasyRobotics & COBOTS

    This case illustrates the work process of a compact an mobile automatic palletizer from EasyRobotics. With collaborative robot from Universal robotics and Shmalz Area vacuum gripper FXCB mounted it can easily handle both cardboard boxes and sheets of thick paper. A truly universal solution for fast and efficient palletizing and depalletizing.

    ProFeeder X automation case from Cobot Solutions @ Wefag AG

    In this case we can see machine tending automation, performed with help of a ProFeeder X robot-cell by our valuable partner Cobot Solutions, from Switzerland. The robot-cell is located near a CNC machine with Doosan collaborative robot and a gripper from Onrobot. The setup is located @ Wefag AG - the swiss company providing a number of CNC machining services.

    FT-Produktion AB case study

    A Swedish supplier of metal parts made a second working shift and increased productivity by 2 times

    Because of automation, FT-Produktion, was able to accommodate orders with much higher volumes and shorter delivery times. With the help of a Profeeder cobot cell, FT-Produktion is now able to handle more orders and make faster deliveries. The investment paid for itself in just nine months by helping the company to attract more customers and bigger orders. The setup includes the ProFeeder robot cell, UR5 cobot from Universal Robots, two RG2 robot grippers from OnRobot.

    Automation case story

    Gunnebo, Sweden

    EME Hydraulic

    EME installs EasyRobitics ProFeeder

    EME Hydraulic has invested in a ProFeeder from EasyRobotics. The company CEO, Jesper Østergaard, is extremely pleased with the resulting improvements in efficiency. “We have gone from a 16-hour manning to 2-hour manning for the function the ProFeeder is now performing. We produce cylinders for agriculture and industry. We purchased a robot solution from EasyRobotics in order to free up some staff. Before, we had to man the machine for 16 hours, but after we introduced the robot we only need manual input for two hours daily. This means that we can now focus more on value added tasks, while the robot does the repetitive work" says Jesper Østergaard from the machine factory in Egernsund with 15 employees. With the ProFeeder as a first step, he has plans to further increase automation in the future, with the next project already on the drawing board. In the short video you can see Jesper Østergaard explaining more about the benefits of ProFeeder.

    EasyDoor with ProCobots

    Positive Results:

    Cycle time and reliability are the main advantages of using EasyDoor. Reliability is a big issue. Due to the collaborative nature of the cobots, they can easily fault when opening or closing the door if it senses any stickiness or changing force requirements. “sticky doors” can cause a jerking action that faults the robot. On the other hand, a very smooth door moves freely and can bounce back upon reaching the fully opened or fully closed position and cause a fault.
    • Easy connection between the feeder cell, robot, and the automated EasyDoor
    • Faster process
    • Multiple loading parts
    • No human intervention
    • Time cycle increased
    • Implementation on running CNC machines

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