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    There have been job shortages in the past, but not now. As the impact of the virus begins to grow, companies are forced to close their doors and send people home to avoid infection. In this regard, the question arises: how and when will these companies continue to operate? At this critical stage, manufacturers realised […]


    (Source: @Unsplash) In recent times, manufacturers around the world are showing an increasing interest in automating their production processes. They have good reasons to do so, as the use of collaborative robots can yield higher productivity, efficiency, lower costs in general. Collaborative robots and their role in modern metal production Even just about a decade ago, […]


    As robots can take over many laborious and potentially dangerous tasks from humans, the employees can be shifted to activities that can generate higher value for their companies. The use of robots also provides value to workers, as they get to work on more meaningful and complex tasks, decreasing the chance of overuse injuries, lack of motivation, fluctuation, and saving time.

    The main argument against the use of collaborational robots is that in a short time, they will be taking away the jobs of millions of people worldwide, which will result in an unemployment crisis. The fear of new technology is not a recently created phenomenon. It has always been part of the evolutionary process of innovation.

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