Automation in COVID-era

    Automation in COVID-era

    There have been job shortages in the past, but not now. As the impact of the virus begins to grow, companies are forced to close their doors and send people home to avoid infection. In this regard, the question arises: how and when will these companies continue to operate? At this critical stage, manufacturers realised the importance of intelligent automation. Currently, automation is a fact that has been taken seriously over time, as its popularity among manufacturers has increased. The only sad thing is that robots need such a crisis to earn trust. Robots should never be the main reason for layoffs; instead, they give people the opportunity to develop new skills in their work environment.

    New possibilities for production

    Automation will make you more open to new technologies because the robots perform tasks as efficiently as a human. The use of robots is growing very fast. Robots can do most of the jobs more efficiently. The future of production no longer belongs to the factory floor. More jobs over time will be usurped by smart machines that can perform more complex tasks for a longer period of time — there will be no need for for people to do repetitive tasks for long hours – that simply doesn`t make sense. Employees of the future will help to control and tune machines, as well as use their time more efficiently.

    Embracing the era of Automation

    Robots, unlike humans, can perform the same tasks without interruption and without loss of quality for days and nights on end. Thanks to scientific and technological progress, the close integration of robots into people’s lives and production processes is a phenomenon in the perception of the latter. It is collaborative robots and regularly emerging, new examples of automation of production processes that drive this process. Robot manufacturers understand that the modern automation process of the production line should be as simple as possible and take minimal time for integration and configuration. They regularly update the software and simplify it – which makes the integration and configuration process easier.

    Become a leader in the era of automation

    To create the perfect image of a smart factory, you will need intelligent collaborative platforms and an interconnected system. You and your production has to be ready for the new era and that the impact of automation will be more widespread. Awareness of the new possibilities will help manufacturers to realise the importance of automation, and improve the standards of production.

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