Automation and stereotypes about it

    Automation and stereotypes about it

    Automation is one of the most discussed topics in the modern economy. The robotics industry has taken a leading role in this regard, creating innovative solutions that can not only increase productivity, but also improve occupational safety and production quality. However, automation cannot be considered simply as a problem for company owners, rather, owners should consider it as a new opportunity for their business to grow and prosper, as well as follow production trends.

    Trends in modern production

    Modern production has changed a lot over the past decades and the main reason for this is robots. In almost every major global company, robots now help human operators perform their tasks more efficiently.
    The emergence of robots in production is not only a technological advance, but also a cultural shift in the way humans and robots work together. Cobots require employees to develop new skills in order to manage them effectively. Operators who were once stuck behind machines can now control robots and improve their efficiency in the workplace.

    The concept of automation

    The concept of automation is becoming more and more popular among small and medium-sized enterprises. In fact, according to the International Federation of Robotics, a number of studies show that more than 80% of SMEs are planning to automate their production processes.

    The first step in the implementation of automation is to find a way to automate the production process, but this step can be very challenging for SMEs, because of the popular stereotypes. They are high cost of the equipment, the complexity of installation and the high qualification requirements of experts. Also, when it comes to the implementation of collaborative robotics cells, many companies are concerned about the human factor. They wonder how the robots will affect their employees, if they will lose their jobs, and if they will feel comfortable working alongside the machines.

    EasyRobotics and its solutions

    In order to avoid these challenges, EasyRobotics has developed a number of solutions that can be installed in any SME without difficulty and without any specialized technical knowledge.

    The solutions are versatile, suitable for many kinds of productions and based on the use of collaborative robots.

    Our collaborative robot-cells are easy and safe to operate. They have been specially designed to be used in the manufacturing sector and improve the speed of production with any volume. They can be used to help companies to effectively automate certain tasks, reduce the number of hours spent on these tasks, and increase the overall quality of products. And there is no need to worry about replacing your employees with robots because the robots will work alongside them – together they will improve the production and put it to a next level of evolutionary development.

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