CNC automation – machine tending by collaborative robots and cells

    The high level of competition and the gradual convergence of supply and demand indicators lead any business owner to the need to modernize production lines. It can be achieved by increasing the level of CNC automation on the production. Cooperation between humans and robots increases the number of finished products, and speeds up the manufacturing process without quality loss.

    High speed of work, quantitative and qualitative growth, reduction of production costs and occupied space – these are just a small part of what CNC automation can give.  Integration of cobots and cells makes machine tending fast and easy with minimal downtime. This is especially true in the case of manual feeding of raw parts. Because of this, the production process slows down significantly, and the time of each cycle increases.

    Improved efficiency of machine tending with high-quality CNC automation

    An important stage in the production modernization is the automation of feeding, movement and storage of parts. Manual labor in this case is ineffective due to simple human factors, uncharacteristic to cobots and robot-cells. Such equipment can ensure uninterrupted feeding of raw parts into the machine and error-free movement of finished products onto the tray with high speed and accuracy.

    What will it give as a result?

    • Almost complete elimination of manual labor and, as a result, an increase in the speed of work;
    • Possibility of using cobots and cells in tandem with any type of automatic milling and CNC lathes;
    • Fast and easy reprogramming, relocation and reconnection of equipment, depending on the needs of production;
    • Up to 2 times increase in overall productivity and production of finished parts;
    • Reducing the level of industrial injuries to a minimum through CNC automation;
    • Cells can be used with all collaborative robots on the market thanks to 100% compatibility provided by EasyRobotics engineers;
    • A quick return on investments due to the payback of the equipment in the shortest possible time. This is driven by notable savings from lower payroll, and higher profits from higher supply volumes and higher sales.

    In addition to the general advantages inherent in collaborative robot technology in general, cells from EasyRobotics are characterized by increased performance, small dimensions and optimal weight. They take up a minimum of free space, are mobile and easily repurposed through a simple interface.

    What else can EasyRobotics cells do?

    1. Provide accurate positioning of parts weighing up to 10 kg;
    2. Work continuously 24/7;
    3. Increase productivity up to 2 times;
    4. Combine with other solutions from EasyRobotics, the functionality of which is aimed at accelerating and simplifying production processes through partial or complete CNC automation.

    If you would you like to get more information on machine tending by robotic cells and platforms, please contact your local distributor or regional dealer and take the first step towards successful CNC automation, and increase of your business profitability.

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