Handling automation using cobots and multifunctional cells

    Handling automation is an effective way to increase the speed and productivity of logistics and in-house processes through human-robot collaboration. Modern collaborative platforms are able to eliminate the manual labor, leaving the staff only control and supervision.

    Modern robotic equipment is characterized by

    • ease of use;
    • an intuitive interface;
    • visual programming.

    All this allows even an inexperienced operator who does not have special knowledge and skills to reconfigure and reprogram the cobot.

    Equipment for automatic handling operations will help to quickly move products, palletizing them in accordance with the parameters set by the operator. As a result, you will receive perfectly built pallets with goods ready for subsequent movement, shipment and/or transportation.

    Efficient handling automation with the innovative EasyPalletizer platform

    The EasyPalletizer is a multifunctional device that can improve product handling processes. Due to its compact size, optimal weight, easy operation and compatibility with all existing cobots, the platform will become an indispensable assistant when performing loading and packing operations.

    What you get by purchasing EasyPalletizer:

    1. High speed and accuracy of product stacking according to the established scheme;
    2. Possibility of forming ideal pallets up to 2.4 meters high;
    3. Almost complete replacement of manual labor with the work of a cobot, capable of moving up to 8 units of production per minute;
    4. A quick return on investments made in the purchase of the platform, due to a decrease in the size of the wage bill, reducing costs and increasing productivity;
    5. Reduced injury rates. Robotic technology is safe for people, since when it collides with an obstacle, the cobot stops;
    6. High mobility. The ability to move the platform, connect to other lines, reconfigure to the required parameters in just a few minutes.

    What else is so special about EasyPalletizer from EasyRobotics?

    • When developing the equipment, the creators provided the possibility to install a pedestal with a lift, which allows to increase the height of the formed pallet;
    • The platform itself is equipped with sensitive sensors that control the correct placement of pallets, which ensures accurate positioning during handling operations;
    • A cobot in tandem with a robotic cell works many times faster than a person. And it also does not make mistakes, performing all actions perfectly accurate.

    Using the EasyPalletizer platform, as well as other collaborative robotic equipment in handling automation, you can significantly simplify and speed up the process of production, palletizing, warehousing and movement of products. At the same time, productivity will increase, and the cost of goods will decrease by reducing overall costs.

    Don’t miss your chance to become the owner of an innovative platform that will help you to automate your handling operations efficiently in the shortest possible time.

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