Automation training with ER Work robotic demo platform

    Automation training is an important step towards mastering the basic principles of modernizing the production process by replacing manual labor with robotic one. Acquaintance with the features and stages of the implementation of collaborative robots and cells, their advantages and significance is necessary both for employees of industries that use manual labor, and for students of technical universities who receive education in the field of robotics and production automation.

    Mainly for these purposes, EasyRobotics has developed a compact, mobile platform called ER Work. It is a multifunctional tool, ideal for automation training purposes and holding demonstrations.

    ER Work platform as an indispensable tool for effective automation training

    Depending on specific needs and goals, ER Work can be used:

    • To demonstrate the features of the work of cobots, as well as the basic principles of production automation to university students. Training can be carried out in a classroom, laboratory or other suitable room for this.
    • To get acquainted with the possibilities of automation. This kind of automation demonstration is usually held on production site for  employees and managers of a company.

    Due to its mobility, compactness, low weight and the presence of wheels, the unit can be easily moved and even transported in the trunk of a car. Thus, it can be used for presentation, training and demonstration events in any convenient place.

    What else is remarkable about the platform, and how can it help in automation training?

    Using ER Work will visually demonstrate:

    1. Automation capabilities in general;
    2. Acceptable options for human interaction with a cobot;
    3. Stages of the production process that can be subjected to partial or full automation;
    4. Basic principles of the collaborative technique;
    5. Benefits that cobots and cells can provide to a manufacturer who equips workshops with similar equipment.

    ER Work, in addition to training purposes, can be used in production on an ongoing basis. It can be made by implementing the platform in workshops with limited space, or if is necessary to frequently move a cell from one place to another.

    The importance of industrial automation in a highly competitive environment cannot be underestimated. And ER Work will help to prove it.

    At the same time, it should be noted that the device is only compatible with universal robots models UR3 and UR5, produced by Universal Robots. But this cannot be called a disadvantage, because these cobots are able to perfectly cope with their functions.

    For more information about the features of this and other cells, the terms of their purchase, subsequent use or integration with your production, please contact your regional dealers or write us directly. Experts will advise you on any issue, explaining all the benefits of automation training using the mobile platform ER Work.

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